How to purchase a hosting plan at wholesale and install WordPress

This article describes how you can purchase a web hosting plan at wholesale price, actually for as little as $2.50 per month, and get WordPress automatically installed from start.

The secret is to get an account with our Free Hosting Reseller program. You can lauch your web hosting business with the free WordPress hosting account included in the free reseller account, but purchasing a standalone web hosting plan at wholesale price has the advantage that you can host multiple domains with it.

Here is how to get a hosting plan for wholesale price

  1. Log in to your free reseller account (sign up for free here »)
  2. Go to My Offers > Shared Hosting Offers
  3. Find a hosting plan that suits your needs (click on the name to view features) and find the ‘Order’ link to the right. Note that the hosting plan must be Active (you can activate a plan in the Action column).
  4. On the Signup form, you can choose to get WordPress pre-installed with your hosting account. Just find the dropdown menu ‘Choose a pre-installed application’, and choose WordPress.

Complete the order and you will get a login email for your new WordPress website.


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