Branding your Web Hosting Control Panel Demo

Branding Hosting Control Panel

Since our hosting Control Panel is one of your best sales argument, you should display a link to the control panel Demo. There is a unique link to your branded control panel, where your logotype and your custom settings will be shown. That link is …

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Buy Hosting at Wholesale price

Wholesale hosting for web designers

Are you a web designer looking for web hosting for your clients at wholesale price? We offer you the backbone you need to be able to provide a seamless hosting solution for your clients, branded with your name. Enjoy total reseller anonymity and serve your …

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Our web hosting reseller plugin for WordPress

Hosting Reseller Plugin for WordPress

Our web hosting reseller plugin turns your WordPress site into a full-fledged professional web hosting store with domain search function that works directly out of the box. Together with our hosting themes for WordPress, the plugin renders a selling display of your web hosting packages. …

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