How to launch your Hosting Business for FREE!

Start web hosting business for free

Here is how you get started with your own professional web hosting business. And it’s totally free! The ONLY thing you might need to add, is a suitable domain name and somewhere to host your WordPress site. But if you have that already, the rest is …

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How to market your Web Hosting Business

Marketing your Hosting Business

So, you have set up a professional web hosting reseller business for free. That is a great start. But you won’t get any clients without marketing. No marketing = no earnings. Good marketing = great earnings! Motivated? Good! Because it will take some work. The …

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Our web hosting reseller plugin for WordPress

Hosting Reseller Plugin for WordPress

Our web hosting reseller plugin turns your WordPress site into a full-fledged professional web hosting store with domain search function that works directly out of the box. Together with our hosting themes for WordPress, the plugin renders a selling display of your web hosting packages. …

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How to make the theme look like the demo?

Question: I have installed the hosting theme, but it does not look like the demo. Why? Answer: You need to install and activate the plugin. The free hosting reseller plugin automatically installs a selling frontpage, fully functional domain search forms and order forms with card …

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How to make the hosting reseller plugin work?

Question: I have installed the hosting reseller plugin but it does not seem to work. What am I missing? Answer: The plugin only works together with our Hosting Reseller program. It is completely free with no requirements for minimum sales. Sign up with no obligations and …

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