How to launch your Hosting Business for FREE!

Hosting reseller for free

Here is how you get started with your own professional web hosting business. And it’s totally free! The ONLY thing you might need to add, is a suitable domain name and somewhere to host your WordPress site. But if you have that already, the rest is completely free!

1. Sign up for the Free Hosting Reseller Program

Click here to sign up for the free reseller program. Note that you will get a confirmation email. You must click on the confirmation link in that email before your hosting reseller account becomes fully operational.

2. Set up your WordPress Hosting Reseller website

If you have a web hosting account somewhere, you can of course use that for your WordPress Hosting Reseller website. Just set up a normal WordPress website and go to step 3.

If you don’t have a hosting account, you have two great options:

  1. You will get a free web hosting for your WordPress site if you buy a DNS-cluster. The DNS-cluster makes your web hosting business look more professional. DNS cluster packages cost from 20 USD per year (that’s $1.67/month). Read: How to purchase a DNS cluster and get a hosting account for free.
  2. If you want a web hosting account anyway, buy one from your new web hosting store at wholesale price. Hosting packages are from $2.50 per month. Read: How to purchase a hosting plan at wholesale and install WordPress.

3. Download and install the hosting theme

If you chose the free WordPress hosting option above, you will get your hosting theme installed autoamtically from the start. But if you have chosen another hosting option for your WordPress site, now is the time to download your hosting theme and install it.

Downloading: Log in to your reseller account using the login information you’ve got in the email received. Then go to the menu Reseller Tools > Free Reseller Hosting WordPress Themes. There you find the download link for each theme.

Installing: Log in to your WordPress site, go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload. Activate the theme after uploading.

4. Install the plugin

Log in to your reseller control panel (sign up for free here ») and go to Reseller Tools > Free Reseller Hosting WordPress Themes. To the right on that page, find the button ‘Download Plugin’.
Download hosting reseller plugin

After downloading, log in to your WordPress site, click Plugins > Add new > Upload. Activate the plugin after uploading.

5. Fill in your reseller name and password

To activate the plugin, you must fill in your reseller name and password, the same as you use when you log in to your reseller account. Now your hosting website works and you can start to receive orders!

6. Set your offers and prices

In the reseller control panel, go to My Offers, and choose what services to offer, rename your hosting packages if you want, and set a competitive price for each service. After changing offers and prices, you need to do two things to make changes happen to your website:

  1. Click the red button ‘Quick Template Update’ in the upper right corner of the reseller control panel.
  2. In your WordPress website, go to Resellers Panel > Connection, and click the button ‘Delete Cache and Refresh Account Info’.

7. Set up your payment details

In order to get paid, you must set up your payment details. Go to My Profile > Payment Details. You can get paid by PayPal, Check, Bank Wire, or RSP Wallet.

8. Market your website and earn money!

You have now set up your web hosting reseller store! Now the fun part starts: to market your new business! Here is some great advice how to market your web hosting business »


  1. hi!
    thanks for the write up…. and the themes.
    I do have a question though. In the area of payment gateways, how do I integrate a “master card” or in my case “NairaCard” into the website template? the thing is that here, we do not have easy access to paypal and it seems “paypal Nigeria” can only make payment, but not receive it (i.e. i won’t receive it)…

    • Hi,
      If your clients can pay with PayPal, there is no problem, since you are not the receiver of the payment. The reseller program will pay you your commission the way that you choose to be paid. You make that choice in the reseller control panel. The commission payment to you is released once a month (if you have earned more than 50 USD in commission). You can be paid by check for example. Please sign up for the free reseller account for more information.
      Good luck!

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